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The intelligent brain serves the intelligent cloud

Cloudization is a rigid need for the development of industry information technology, and hybrid IT is the standard environment for future enterprise IT. We are oriented to the hybrid IT environment. We can provide industry customers with industry private cloud, hybrid cloud and managed cloud services, and strengthen the research and development of cloud technology products, enhance cloud service capabilities, and innovate cloud business models by consulting and leading the way.

Cloudization Time

Provide users with a unified, standard, flexible, and measurable cloud service, which is inseparable from automated cloud service environment supervision, visual cloud service resource management, and intelligent cloud service operation analysis. This is to provide users with fast and easy to use Necessary prerequisites for secure, high-quality cloud services.

Why choose us?

  • Automated cloud environment supervision
  • Platformized cloud resource management
  • One-stop cloud service provision
  • Systematic cloud service management
  • Professional cloud service guarantee
  • 01
    Automated cloud environment supervision

    Supervision objects cover cloud infrastructure, cloud resources and cloud applications.

  • 02
    Platformized cloud resource management

    Manage a variety of mainstream virtualization products and shield many virtualization technology differences.

  • 03
    One-stop cloud service provision

    Enable cloud services throughout the life cycle, including cloud consulting, cloud construction, cloud operation and maintenance, and cloud operations.

  • 04
    Systematic cloud service management

    Mature cloud service capability management.

  • 05
    Professional cloud service guarantee

    Uniform help desk, professional service team, rich expert resources.

Private Cloud
Hybrid cloud
Public cloud
Industry Cloud

What We Offer

Cloud Monitoring Management Services

Comprehensive hybrid cloud environments, resource management, service management and integration management.

Resource Monitoring Services

automated monitoring for the cloud service environment, covering the cloud environment from overlapping infrastructure to upper-level cloud service resources and cloud applications

Operation & Maintenance Management Services

mainly aimed at cloud service technology operation and maintenance, including incident management, problem management

Converged Management Services

Centralized and integrated management of cloud service capabilities.