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About Us

Why We Develop Cloudization

Business needs are high. Due to rapid business changes, the demand for technical support is also increasing, which is mainly reflected in: rapid deployment, performance improvement, flexible expansion, centralized management, risk control, legal compliance, and timely response to business changes.

Large resource input, due to rapid technology updates, frequent periodic and periodic resource inputs, resulting in many heterogeneous resources, low resource reuse rates, high staffing requirements, irrational resource allocation, and prominent resource bottlenecks. High overall operating costs.

User Needs Us!

Difficult interconnection, decentralized construction and isolation of systems, severe islanding, coupled with complex relationships between systems, difficult integration, and high management costs.

The operation management is chaotic, the operation management system is not perfect, the goals are not clear, the process is not visible, and the results are uncontrollable, resulting in chaotic and disorderly operation management, blind randomness, and uncontrollable risks.

Our Mission

Identify and clarify the role of cloud computing in promoting business development

Our Vision

Help enterprises formulate cloud computing development strategies, development plans and roadmaps

We love ideas

Standpoint of the user information, put forward the value of cloud computing that can promote business development;

Cloud Strategy & Planning Services

CSPS helps users to sort out and analyze cloud computing services under the circumstances of closely combining the current status of users' IT, business characteristics, and the future development strategy of the enterprise, with full reference to the same industry practice and domestic and foreign cloud computing standards The promotion role and value brought by business development, and then help enterprises to plan the future cloud computing service blueprint and cloud computing blueprint implementation evolution route design.