Cloud service market crosses 100 billion

From the perspective of industry development, we welcome more and more diversified product choices such as containers, function computing, bare metal, and hyper-fusion

Cloud service market growth rate will remain above 30% in the future

Cloud service market has achieved explosive growth in recent years, and both the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS markets have been advancing at a higher rate. On the one hand, this is due to the phased results of market education in previous years, coupled with external factors such as the policy and economic environment, which have strongly stimulated demand; on the other hand, it has also enhanced the strategic position of cloud service vendors in the past two years. Strong proof.

Cloud service market crosses 100 billion

Basic cloud vendors continue to increase their cloud business

As the basic cloud service vendors have continuously overweighted the cloud business in the past two years, and the SaaS model has been temporarily questioned, the proportion of basic cloud services in the overall cloud service will reach its peak in the past two or three years.

Public cloud market ushers in rapid growth

With the further release of market demand, new and old players in the basic cloud service track have overweighted the cloud service business sector, or turned gorgeously into cloud service vendors from the upstream and downstream tracks, or continuously increased their business goals to adopt an aggressive approach.

With this almost crazy driving force, the scale of the basic cloud service market has experienced rapid growth in the past two years, and especially the public cloud sector has attracted much attention with its rapid growth.

Cloud service market crosses 100 billion

Among them, the scale of the IaaS market (including various deployment models) reached 63.82 billion in 2018 and is expected to exceed 300 billion by 2023;

The revenue growth of the PaaS market relying on databases, containers, and cloud communications has also become a layer that cannot be ignored in cloud services.

Limited competition pattern

Focusing on the IaaS public cloud market, there are new players such as IT hardware equipment manufacturers, software giants and integrators, as well as players seeking transformation from containers, hyper-convergence, and SDS in the Red Sea fight in the IaaS market.

Cloud service market crosses 100 billion

In the short term, the domestic IaaS (especially public cloud) market has a limited number of competitive landscapes: With the established product types, scales, brands, and ecological advantages of the head players, it is difficult to shake the current market position. Landing, exploration of offshore business and other measures to seek business growth space;

Central players still have a lot of opportunities in the blue ocean market of IaaS, and they have found strategies for business breakthroughs and opportunities for "curve overtaking" by connecting emerging technologies such as cloud services and AI, and gathering resources to develop government / enterprise / traditional industries.