Google builds three new submarine optical cables

Google to build three new submarine cables in five new areas

According to TechCrunch, even Diane Greene, who is in charge of Google's cloud computing business, is often marveled at by her company's investment in Google Cloud infrastructure. The reason is simple. In the three years since Green took office, the company has spent $ 30 billion to strengthen its cloud computing infrastructure. Today, Google announced that it will build three new submarine optical cables next year to help continue to expand its global cloud computing business.

Google builds three new submarine optical cables

Google Cloud Platform Vice President Ben Treynor announced in a blog post that Google will build three new submarine cables in five new areas. The first cable was named Curie, named after Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie. It was the first intercontinental cable to be built by a non-telecommunications company. The Curie cable will connect Los Angeles and Chile and span nearly 10,000 kilometers. Google boasted that it would be the first new fiber-optic cable to land in Chile in nearly 20 years and would serve Google customers in Latin America.

The second fiber-optic cable is called Havfrue ("Mermaid" in Danish), and it will connect to Denmark from the east coast of the United States and will be online by the end of next year. The third fiber-optic cable doesn't have a good name, it's just called HK-G fiber-optic cable. Google is working with RTI-C and NEC to improve their coverage in the Pacific. According to the Wall Street Journal, this optical cable connects Hong Kong and Guam with a total length of 3862 kilometers.

Google builds three new submarine optical cables

Established a superior cloud network

Treno wrote: "Although we have not accelerated the speed of light, we have established a superior cloud network, and the direct path between our cloud platform and end users is very smooth." Google now invests directly in 11 submarine optical cables , While also renting several other submarine optical cables. Last spring, Google announced the laying of submarine cables from Singapore to Australia.

In addition to submarine cables, Google also announced the launch of five new regions including the Netherlands and Montreal in the first quarter of this year. Three other regions (Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong) will be available later this year. Google promises that there is still a lot of work to be done, and other regions will be notified when they will be online.