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Cloud Services

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In the past many years, we have gone through rigorous inspections by customers in many industries, and have proven to be "advanced enough" to guide users in the development of cloud computing in the next few years;

It has been proven to be "fully implementable" and a blueprint for design and planning It can be successfully implemented, run in real and bring expected benefits to users.

Automated cloud environment supervision

Platformized cloud resource management

One-stop cloud service provision

Systematic cloud service management

Professional cloud service guarantee

Services Packages

Cloud management services can achieve comprehensive management of hybrid cloud environments, covering resource monitoring, resource management, service management, operation and maintenance management, operation management, and integration management.

We are offer

  • Supervision objects cover cloud infrastructure, cloud resources and cloud applications;
  • Comprehensive display of the status, performance and capacity of monitored objects;
  • Achieve automated supervision and intelligent analysis.


Resource monitoring is an automated monitoring for the cloud service environment, covering the cloud environment from the underlying infrastructure to the upper cloud service resources and cloud applications.

Resource management is a pool-oriented management of cloud service resources.It can not only realize the visual life-cycle management of computing, storage, and network resources, but also realize automatic deployment, blueprint management, template management, and image management.

Services Packages

  • Manage a variety of mainstream virtualization products and shield many virtualization technology differences;
  • Achieve cross-platform application automation deployment and resource visual management.

Services Packages

Service management is mainly for service capability and service assurance management. Service capabilities include availability management, continuity management, performance management and capacity management, and service assurance includes backup management, disaster management and emergency management.


  • Enable cloud services throughout the life cycle, including cloud consulting, cloud construction, cloud operation and maintenance, and cloud operations;
  • A comprehensive customized overall architecture design, including technology, management, and security cloud service capability systems;
  • Design of service models that match requirements, including private clouds, industry clouds, and hybrid clouds.

Services Packages

Operation and maintenance management is mainly oriented to cloud service technology operation and maintenance, including event management, problem management, configuration management, change management, release management, and information security management;

Services Packages

  • Mature cloud service capability management;
  • process standards, operating specifications;
  • Quality assurance and independent innovation.


Operation management is mainly for cloud service business operations, including user / authority management, service directory management, service request management, service level management, service report management, service metering management, service quality management, etc .

Converged management is the centralized and integrated management of cloud service capabilities. Front-end capability integration includes unified certification management, unified provisioning management, and unified billing management. Back-end capability integration includes unified procurement management, unified performance management, unified capacity management, and mixed resource management.

Services Packages

  • Uniform help desk, professional service team, rich expert resources;
  • Powerful tool library and rich knowledge base.

Experience and performance

Professional consulting team

In order to better assist users in cloud computing business exploration and planning.We has established a domestic consulting planning team.

High-level consulting services

We provides cloud computing planning, cloud computing construction and implementation, and cloud computing operation and maintenance.

Standard open design method

Divine Information refers to the industry's international standards and technical specifications, such as ISO17789, NIST CCRA

Effective tools

We has deposited a complete set of tools for evaluation, analysis, and design through multiple planning and design projects

Analysis Course

Cloud computing sandbox exercises, communication training courses, survey interview forms, design reference templates, and value and cost analysis methods.

Business Expansion

Meet the business innovation and business development of different types of enterprises in agriculture and taxation.